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Indiana State Director
Lead Civilian Instructor

Graduate Level 5


- Civilian Instructor
- Law Enforcement Instructor
- Kids Instructor
- Combat Fighting Instructor
- Women's Stay Away Instructor

- Ultimate Training Munitions

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Little about me

I joined the Marine Corps right out of highschool in 2009. I was assigned to 2nd battalion 9th marines, stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. During this time I went on 3 deployments to Afghanistan and earned my Brown belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. After the Marine Corps I began boxing and training krav maga. In 2015 Calvin and I became instructors by traveling the country. We became instructors for the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and brought the IKMF to Indiana. I am now also the kids instructor for Indiana and a law enforcement instructor. Since joining the IKMF I have traveled the US training with other instructors and had the opportunity to go to Israel. Here I got to learn from the source and train with all the best in the world. 


I have worked in different industries over the years but have never been as passionate about any of those as I have about training others to preserve their safety. While in Marjah, Afghanistan we ran operations to preserve the safety of locals that I didn't know. Now I am committed to preparing the community I live in to best handle violent encounters in case that misfortune comes their way. 


“It is better to train Krav Maga and never need it, then to need it and never have trained”

Rob Mendenhall III

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