What we offer at The Forge

Becoming a member of the forge your not just another member of a gym, your a member of a family, and making an investment in your life! 

Forge Defense 

This is the brick and mortar of the Forge Training Center. Forge defense is our Krav Maga Program. Krav Maga is an Israeli Martial Art that is used to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our Krav Maga classes focus on fitness, strength, and aggression, along with technique to make you a force to be reckon with. 


-12 All Levels

-5PM Family Class

-6PM Beginners

-7PM  Open Mat


-12 All Levels

Thursday: 5-8

-5PM Family

-6PM Topic Class

-7PM All Levels


-10 AM All Levels

Mixed Martial Arts

Forge Fitness and Combatives is exactly what it sounds like. This time is filled with fitness and learning how to fight through kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and more!

Kick Boxing

Wednesday- 6-7 PM

Friday- 7-8 PM


Wednesday- 7-8 PM

Friday- 6-7 PM

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Sunday 11-1

Forge Firearms 

Forge Firearms is firearm training for all levels. We can start with getting you comfortable with handling a firearm, and learning how it works to learning when is the right time to go to a conceal carry and how to do that safely. We use simunition weapons and round which gives us more freedom in how we train. 

By appointment only 

$20 + $.75 a round

deals on larger quantity purchased

The Refinery

The Refinery is a faith based program that is new to our schedule. This will be a time to not only work on physical strength and fitness but also dig into spiritual truth. We will dig into the true solution to problems like addiction, depression, and anger, through the love of Jesus Christ. All while building our bodies physically as well. This is a free program for men over the age of 16. 

Saturday: 9-11

Our Team


Rob Mendenhall III

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